Assessment & Analysis: Improving Teaching and Learning

OAT Meadows academy

Assessment & reporting, data analysis, PP reviews and leadership at all levels.

Across the whole school

8 x Consultancy Visits and 5 x Twilight Sessions

Dramatic improvements in teachers' ability to effectively assess, analyse and use data to inform teaching and learning.


OAT Meadows Academy wanted to ensure that they captured sufficient evidence of the pupils’ progress and improve the way they use data to inform teaching and learning.

They chose TT Education to provide a customised solution of tailored support that's now extending into its second year.

Bespoke, tailored training and support

"The customised solution from TT Education was very closely tailored to our needs as a school.

The staff and leadership team at OAT Meadows are very grateful for TT Education’s experience and flexibility in supporting our academy, our leadership team and our governor’s appreciation of data to improve outcomes. Main areas of support included:

  • Assessment & reporting: systems & training
  • Formative & summative assessment
  • Data analysis, PP reviews & ongoing support
  • Leadership support at all levels"

Jean Watt, Headteacher, OAT Meadows Academy, Peterborough

Dramatic Improvements

"We have seen dramatic improvements in teachers’ ability to effectively assess, analyse and use data to inform teaching and learning.

TT Education have provided high-quality, motivating CPD which all staff have invested in and been enthused by. This has had a positive effective upon the education of our pupils.” 

“TT Education have helped us improve our assessment and analysis approaches, helping us to work effectively without national curriculum levels.

They have been very supportive of OAT Meadows colleagues, both through training and further support, to ensure our improvements in use of data are both sustainable and effective. Pupil progress and attainment data is starting to reflect the impact this has had – also noted in a recent DfE visit to the academy.

Jean Watt, Headteacher, OAT Meadows Academy, Peterborough

Department for Education report excerpts:

“In 2015, the outcomes for pupils at Ormiston Meadows with special needs were higher in reading writing and maths than achieved by similar groups nationally…”

“… a clear focus on learning, and the monitoring of teaching and learning is rigorous. Pupil premium spending is more closely targeted than in the past.”