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SCHOOL CPD TRACKER: Empowering teachers to improve outcomes for children

Never before has it been more important that schools have a clearly articulated vision, understood and bought into by all stakeholders, with a clear rationale.  This vision and the school’s wider values should permeate into all aspects of school life and reflect the unique nature of your organisation. Consistency in approach, professionalism and the alignment of school improvement priorities to teacher actions, performance management targets and wider indicatives are vital in the modern school.

But where does staff performance management fit into this? Do the targets set take into account your school's 5-year vision, or just the SDP priorities for the next 12 months? Why are staff allocated CPD training?  What is the rationale behind the course/CPD choice? How do we know the training is giving the school value for money and having an impact on the outcomes of your pupils?

These questions are really important questions to consider as school leaders. Another question is, where is this all tracked and recorded? I am lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with hundreds of schools across the UK and overseas every year. It never ceases to amaze me, that in many schools much of the information needed to answer these questions is not easily accessible. Often if it is stored, it is held by multiple people on various document types and sheets, making it challenging and time consuming to demonstrate to governors, trustees or stakeholders the impact of your training, teachers development and staff performance management.

The answer is School CPD Tracker.

Our revolutionary platform enables staff to drive their own professional development, through aligning target setting with evidence and reflections.  At the same time, senior leaders can ensure that performance management is aligned with the school’s needs and priorities, is consistent across the organisation, and can report on performance management. Unlike other performance and appraisal management systems, School CPD Tracker has been built specifically for schools and has been designed to be easy to use for all staff to enable smart target setting, staff appraisals and CPD through one powerful online portal.

"I was very impressed with School CPD Tracker, especially as it means the performance review cycle is led and fed into by teachers. The need for reflection and the opportunity to link the work done to teacher and leadership standards is very clear and easy to use.

Our school can link performance to improvement priorities and whole school CPD is easily factored in too. It is an effective and efficient system and I look forward to embedding it this year." Patricia Monk, Headteacher, North Park Primary

The system continually receives outstanding feedback from schools and also saves both leadership teams and staff time. I spoke to one Headteacher using the system recently who told me that it saved her 3 full days of time in the administration and delivery of her schools CPD Performance Management alone!

Check out some of the impressive features of the system here, and please do email info@tteducation.co.uk if you would like to access a free trial of this system or discuss it further.