Julie Watson

Julie Watson

TT Consultant

  • Qualified SENCo
  • Experienced in Safeguarding and Inclusion Management
  • Former School Improvement Consultant, Primary Languages Consultant and Graduate Teacher Programme Trainer
  • Specialises in Primary Curriculum training

Could you tell me a bit about yourself and what motivates you?

I am like a stick of rock! My first love and passion is supporting children in the learning process. Chop me at any point and I have the words ‘Primary Teacher’ written through me! Whether it is on my knees playing in the mud kitchen with FS1 or decoding the language of Shakespeare with Y6, I thrive in creative, exciting and stimulating learning environments.

Understanding how children learn and what motivates learning in any field drives my passion. Having spent a considerable amount of my career in areas of social deprivation, analysing and responding to behaviours in preparation for learning, and building relationships and motivating pupils is a huge focus of mine.

My mum was a great primary teacher and through observing and spending time with her in class as a child myself, I seem to have absorbed her qualities and approaches. I still use the knowledge I gained then in my practices today.

What is your educational experience?

In addition to Advanced Skills Teacher status, I have worked as a local authority School Improvement Consultant, Graduate Teacher Programme trainer, Primary Languages Consultant and was a certified trainer for CiLT (The National Centre for Languages). I am a qualified SENCo and have worked as Inclusion Manager, Lead Safeguarding Office, Designated LAC teacher amongst other roles. Since then I have trained nationally and internationally on subjects such as Evidence Based Research, Behaviour, Independence and Creativity. I enjoy supporting schools and speaking on the subject of raising standards in areas of social deprivation and have been a keynote speaker in this field.

What is your educational specialism?

As a primary teacher everything has to be doesn’t it?! I am certainly a literacy specialist having a language/literacy degree and worked on implementation of the National Strategies. I have however become increasingly more fascinated by the mastery aspect of numeracy. I believe it suits very much my natural teaching style of highly visual and kinaesthetic learning.

Managing behaviours has been an area I have spent time working on with schools, frustrated by the impact low level disruption can have on learning and naturally having trained as a SENCo, the way in which schools meet the needs of all pupils is a particular focus I have researched.

What do you like doing outside of work?

In my free time I love to run, garden (lots of vegetables) and sing in a choir. As well as teaching the piano, I play the cello and saxophone in my local church. I have three fabulous boys (including my husband) so am often camping, cycling, swimming, hiking – anything to expend their energy! We are a family of avid readers so a weekly trip to the library is probably my treat for the week. I privately tutor pupils which I thoroughly enjoy, allowing me to analyse teaching techniques, approaches and resources, which I can then bring to my work.