Jerome Monahan

Jerome Monahan

TT Consultant

  • Experienced in the field of education with over twenty years working in and with schools and young people
  • Specialises in developing and running workshops for children

When did you start working with TT Education?

I received an e-mail from TT Education in response to an article I had written about one of my workshops in Teach Primary magazines.  It is a rare thing to receive feedback from such practical features and I was very intrigued to read about the organisation and its philosophy which seemed to chime with my ‘active approaches’.  It was early in the winter term of 2013 that I met David Maytham and watched him in action.  I was pleased to be invited to be a TT consultant delivering training on writing and grammar, and by Christmas, David had invited me to take on a fuller role at the company, integrating my already well-established repertoire of ‘active approaches’ workshops into the TT Education ‘offer’ to schools.

What does an average day at TT Education involve for you?

I am based in London but I make regular trips to the main TT office in Colchester.  This is usually to attend meetings.  My days are extremely varied, because I continue to work as a freelance journalist and media consultant alongside developing the TT Education workshop programme.

What do you like most about working with teachers and schools?

I have dedicated over twenty years of my life to teaching and young people.  It was quite a shock coming out of full-time school-based work when I decided to pursue a freelance path about 15 years ago, and so anything that takes me back into schools and gives me a chance to work with young people and their teachers is a delight.  Thanks to the workshop programme I have developed, I have the added delight in being the person who introduces children and young people to exciting and challenging works of literature and the ideas they contain.  I can’t think of anything more exciting than that, and the process usually involves me learning more about these works of art and teaching too.

When you’re not at TT Education HQ, what can be you be found doing?

I am keen runner – half-marathons now only.  I also go to the cinema and theatre a great deal – sometimes as a reviewer.  I have worked for both the Globe and the British Film Institute over the past 15 years.  I spend time regularly in South Africa as I have family there.