Our Team

Our fantastic team of consultants are experts in the field of primary education. They include Headteachers, Senior Leaders, Ofsted Inspectors and subject specialists. We also have a dedicated and friendly Head Office team who ensure our outstanding CPD training and consultancy services run smoothly, and who are always on hand to answer your questions.

Our School Improvement Partners can support all of your school improvement and consultancy needs. Find your local School Improvement Partner.

David Maytham

Managing Director

- Experienced consultant and outstanding school improver

- Responsible for developing innovative new ideas to help schools and teachers improve the quality of children's education

Graham Keene


- Specialises in strategic development

Roberta Sawkins

Finance Director

- Experienced in the field of educational finance

- Specialises in ensuring that schools receive good service from TT Education

Adam Reed

Director of School Improvement

- Experienced Middle & Senior Leader

- Specialises in data, curriculum and leadership training

Conor Heaven

School Improvement Partner

- Experienced Early Years and KS1 teacher

- Specialises in Maths, early Literacy, AfL and Middle Leadership development

Chris Chamberlain

Head of Marketing

- Experienced in working with schools and teachers

- Responsible for ensuring schools are aware of our range of services and resources

Betsy Maytham

Product Development Manager

- Experienced teacher and trainer

- Specialises in writing oustanding model texts and poetry, and designing resources to support teachers in their classrooms

James Lewis

School Improvement Partner

- Specialises in Maths, English, History and Music.

- Believes all education should be child-focused.

Shannon O'Sullivan

School Improvement Partner

  • Experienced Senior Leader and Primary Teacher
  • Specialises in data, leadership, English, Maths and Curriculum design.

Karen Thomson

TT Consultant

  • Experienced Primary Teacher and Leader
  • Specialises in English, Maths, Science and PSHE

Sue Cave

TT MFL Consultant

- Experienced consultant and trainer

- Specialises in Primary MFL teaching

Camilla Griggs

Marketing Executive

  • Responsible for ensuring schools are aware of our range of services and resources

Louise Norris

TT Consultant

  • More than a decade of senior leadership experience including two successful headships.
  • Specialises in school leadership support and training, improvement planning, use of data and assessment, staff development and coaching.
  • Passionate about developing positive learning cultures for teachers and leaders.

Laura Thomas

Events Coordinator

  • Responsible for planning our upcoming training events

Miriam Jarvis

TT Education Consultant

- A trained KS2 Class Teacher and Teach First ambassador with a Masters in Leadership. Also with experience of being a Subject Co-ordinator, Phase Leader and then Assistant Head in two different Outstanding inner-city primary school.

- Specialises in upper KS2, particularly teaching in preparation for the Year 6 SATS.

Kate Josselyn

Marketing Executive

- An enthusiastic English Literature graduate who is passionate about marketing.

Lena Abu-Oun

TT Education Consultant

- A qualified Primary School Teacher and experienced Middle Leader with educational experience that covers EYFS to Key Stage 2

- A Primary Mathematics Specialist with a Masters in Education

Antje Kell

TT Consultant

- Experienced Primary teacher and school leader

- Specialises in literacy and numeracy

Carol Pearce

TT Leadership Consultant

- Experienced former Headteacher, Ofsted Inspector and Lead Consultant

- Specialises in leadership

Caroline Ireson

TT Consultant

  • Experienced Headteacher
  • Specialises in English and Leadership

Carron Pitois

TT Consultant

- Experienced teacher - AST for Teaching and Learning

- Specialises in maths, and teaching and learning

Chris Gallagher

TT Consultant

- Experienced former headteacher

- Specialises in maths

Clive Westall

TT Consultant

  • Experienced Headteacher
  • Qualified School Improvement Partner
  • Specialises in leadership, maths and science

Daniel McCabe

TT Consultant

  • Experienced Primary Teacher and Assistant Headteacher

Debra Ward

TT Consultant

  • Experienced Primary School Leader
  • Over 30 years' experience in education

Emma Mauger

TT Consultant

- Experienced teacher, middle leader and mentor

- Specialises in Maths, Computing, Assessment of Maths

Emma Rogers

TT Consultant

- Experienced teacher, SENCO and school improvement consultant

- Specialises in assessment, reading, writing and grammar

Gemma Peebles

TT Consultant

  • Experienced teacher and senior leader
  • School Improvement Consultant

Hannah Wright

TT Consultant

  • Experienced Primary School Teacher and Leader
  • Experienced in leadership for school improvement

Hayley Twidale

TT Consultant

- Experienced teacher and outstanding consultant

- Specialises in science and literacy

Helen Game

TT Consultant

- Experienced Writing Teacher, with ten years of teaching behind her

- Specialises in literacy and using technology in the classroom

Helen Jones

TT Consultant

- Experienced in the field of education, having had several roles, the latest of which is as an outstanding teacher

- Specialises in literacy

Helen Taylor

TT Consultant

- Experienced consultant and outstanding teacher, currently working in an outstanding teaching school

- Specialises in maths, literacy and science

Jane Harari

TT Consultant

  • Experienced in teaching KS1 and KS2
  • Experienced middle leader

Jenny Walkom

TT Consultant

- Experienced primary teacher and middle leader

- Specialises in literacy and Creative Curriculum

Jerome Monahan

TT Consultant

- Experienced in the field of education with over twenty years working in and with schools and young people

- Specialises in developing and running workshops for children

Jo Johnson

Digital Manager

  • Responsible for driving the creation of our digital services and products

Julie Watson

TT Consultant

- Qualified SENCo, experienced in Safeguarding and Inclusion Management

- Former School Improvement Consultant, Primary Languages Consultant and Graduate Teacher Programme Trainer

- Specialises in Primary Curriculum training

Kerry Hill

TT Consultant

  • Experienced Headteacher
  • Specialises in Primary Leadership, Closing The Gap, Wellbeing and SMSC

Marilyn Edwards

TT Consultant

- Experienced teacher, trainer and consultant

- Specialises in Pupil Premium and literacy

Mark Darling

TT Consultant

- Experienced class teacher, trainer and middle leader

- Specialises in English and maths

Mark Longmore

TT Education Consultant

- More than 20 years' experience in the education sector.

- Focused on improving learning by developing effective talk in the classroom.

Peter Thompson

TT Leadership Consultant

- Experienced school leader and consultant

- Specialises in RE and leadership training and consultancy

Samina Lees

TT Consultant

  • Experienced Headteacher
  • Specialises in Leadership, English, Wellbeing and Governor Training

Sarah Johnson

TT Consultant

- Experienced teacher and middle leader

- Specialises in English

Sarah Mitchell

TT Consultant

- Experienced Primary Leader (current headteacher)

- Specialises in Leadership, Learning Cultures, Behaviours for Learning, Formative Assessment and Creative Curriculum

Stacey Hyland-McCabe

TT Consultant

- Experienced teacher, school leader and consultant, having worked as a Primary School Advisor for Kent and working for Ofqual as a subject advisor, amongst other roles

- Specialises in Teaching and Learning, Literacy Across the Curriculum, differentiation and staff development

Vicki Evans

I have a primary education, senior leadership background. In addition to this I have worked for a Local Authority and have extensive experience of supporting the professional development of teachers and school leaders.

Leadership learning is my main specialism. I am particularly interested in building capacity and the confidence of leaders at all levels.



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